Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Coming very soon, The Widow

I'm so close to the end of The Widow I can see the finish line!

Here is the blurb for the book:

Finally able to publicly declare their relationship has brought Damien and Sabrina closer than they ever thought possible. After a tense New Year’s Day breakfast, Damien secures her father’s permission to explore his connection with his student. He takes immediate advantage by demanding a true full time relationship with his sub, including sharing his bed nightly. As the pair truly begin to navigate the trials and tribulations of a new relationship, Celeste is waiting for her opportunity to strike when they are most vulnerable.

Celeste wanted to have it all. If she could get Damien in her back pocket, her future would be secure. However, the Professor’s relationship with Sabrina ruined everything she’d been working toward since her husband passed away. Facing the possibility of jail, Celeste forms a new plan. A plan to sacrifice Damien’s future for her freedom, but has she trusted the wrong people to see her plan through?

A Drama Free update: the release of Drama Free is being pushed back. Because of my work on the Professor series, I haven't been able to get the manuscript to a point I'm happy with. But rest assured, it will be out soon, too. 

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