Friday, June 27, 2014

Catch and Release Update!

Part 1 of Catch and Release is finished and in edits. I am trying hard to work on the second part, because I plan to release the book all in one, instead of in parts.

Currently, I am stuck and am wondering if I need to release the first part separately... I don't want to, but motivation can be weird and I've noticed that hanging on to books can keep my mind on them and not what I need to be working on...

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Anyway! I wanted to share an excerpt from chapter 1! This is unedited and unrevised.

“What are we working on?” Anton asked as he sat on the edge of his partner’s desk.

“We’re in a holding pattern,” Sophie frowned up at him from the file she was reading, her grey-green eyes narrowing when she took in the cup in his hand. “What the fuck?” she asked.

“What?” he asked, looking behind him and around the office. “What am I missing?”

“Every morning, I stop and get us coffee,” she started, throwing her chestnut ponytail over her shoulder. “The one morning I text you that I didn’t have time, you stop and get your own? You don’t think to return the favor?”

Sophie Briggs knew that she barely registered on her partner’s radar on a personal level, but there was such a thing as professional courtesy. They’d worked together for a year now; their first big case had been a success, even if it involved conquering his past. However, after taking down his mother, they hadn’t seen the same kind of multi-million dollar busts and had been relegated to small cases. She knew they were both dying to play in the big leagues again. With a not-so-anonymous tip and a well-placed resume, it looked as though they might get a new opportunity sooner rather than later.

“You doubt me?” he asked, his green eyes shining down at her as he pulled her favorite salted caramel mocha frap from where it sat on the desk just behind him.

“Awww, you do care,” she joked, smiling brightly at him and ruffling his haphazardly styled blonde hair as she took the drink from his hand. Pulling away, she watched his eyes flash as he took in her v neck t-shirt and jeans.

“Is it Casual Friday?” he asked, quirking a brow in her direction.

“Something like that,’” she said with a small amount of snark, taking a sip of her drink before sinking back into her chair.

“So I see,” he nodded, finally vacating his place on her desk in favor of his own. “How long until we find out?” he asked, looking at the clock against the back wall, reminding her what today was.

“Could be any time now,” she told him, her eyes flitting over the other agents present in the office that morning.

“If we get this, are you ready for everything that comes with it?” he asked, his face serious. “I mean, this cover flies in the face of women’s liberation and all of that. The way you are going to be strong armed in with me is going to send a very loud message about our supposed relationship,” he continued. “I’ve been known to become extremely possessive,” he warned, his eyes darkening with his words. “If I feel like your place by my side is being threatened, I will take action.”

“What do you mean?” she asked, her brow furrowed.

“It means that I will make it very clear that the rumors that we are going to walk into are true,” he said, point blank.

“What if someone thinks you are sexually harassing me?” she folded her arms over her chest, only half joking with her question.

“You’ll clarify that I’m not, and that any advance I make on you is more than welcome,” he informed her, mirroring her position. “Look,” he broke, relaxing his body for a beat, “it’s going to be a feat to pull this off, so we don’t want to look suspicious from the start or we’ll never get anywhere with this assignment.”

“Fine,” she said, glancing at the clock, desperate to change the subject. “Your mom’s hearing starts in thirty. Go,” she encouraged. “I’ll call you if anything changes.”

“Thanks, Soph,” he said, shooting her his most devastating smile. “You’re the best,” he finished, ruffling her hair as he grabbed his suit jacket from the back of his chair and headed toward the door.

As she watched him leave, she wondered if she’d be able to resist his fake advances without melting into a puddle at his feet. She’d been through so much in the last year with all the stuff that went down with her ex and her sister, but she was starting to get to the other side of her grief. Not to mention, she hadn’t gotten laid in nearly eight months, so she was pretty sure if Anton even brushed against her in the right way she might have an extremely embarrassing, extremely loud, and extremely public orgasm.

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