Thursday, February 28, 2013

WiP- Drama Free 2003

This book is different than any that I've ever written.  It will be told in first person POV, alternating between Lucas (the heroine) and Brady (the Hero). I'm having a blast writing it, and wish I were feeling well enough to write more than I have lately.


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“10!” Everyone starts the make shift countdown to midnight, staring at the second-hand of my living room clock. I’m positive that it’s fast and we are prematurely counting down the New Year, but it’s okay. At least this shitty year will be over, finally. 2002 was not a banner year, and I’m hoping that 2003 will be better. If it’s not, I swear to GOD, I’m leaving this God-forsaken state and moving far, far away. The thirty minute move to Tempe had helped, but not enough.

“5!” My eyes slide to my ‘date’ for the evening, a good friend who agreed to pretend to be my temporary conquest so Trevor would get the point that it wasn’t going to happen between us. My date is nice enough, if not a bit quiet. He’s good looking, too- short, brown hair, beautiful steel blue eyes, which are similar to my own, oval features, with a gash mark scar on the left side of his chin. He’s taller than me, but only by two to three inches, and I’ve learned tonight that I fit perfectly under his arm as we snuggle on the floor beside my living room window.

“1! Happy New Year!” my guests yell and turn to kiss their dates or hug the friend they came with. Trevor shoots me a hopeful smile and I turn to Brady and give him a nervous, but questioning, look. With a shrug, he pulls me close and plants a sweet kiss on my forehead before settling my head against his chest. “Here’s to a drama free year,” he whispers in my ear, as my face heats at my reaction to being so close to him. I can’t wipe the silly grin off my face at the kiss he gave me on my forehead. I know he’d never be truly interested in me. He’s seen me retreat to my bedroom during a party with far too many guys to really want to be with me. I’d be lying to myself if I said that before that moment, I’d ever considered being with him either.

Yet, through the course of the evening, something inside me had changed and he was all I could see. Trying to push the thought away, I did my best to enjoy the remainder of the party before saying good night to those not sleeping on my living room floor and collapsing on my, now, lonely queen sized bed. Is there a way I could get Brady interested in me, without compromising who I was? I doubted it. I was destined to be the girl that flitted from hook up to hook up, never able to find the guy she was really supposed to share her life with. I was okay with that, though, because it meant I never had to compromise what I wanted out of life because of someone else’s whims.

As I drifted off to sleep, a montage of the terrible year I’d just left behind skittered across my brain. I lost my grandma and childhood dog to cancer. My best friend to a whore was supposed to be my friend, too. My first love was gone because I’d learned I couldn’t trust him. To top off the year that was like a giant sundae filled with poo, I’d been fired for the first time ever and forced to take a job nearly forty miles away from where I’d lived. The only good things that happened were my move from Southeast Mesa to Tempe, where I finally lived alone, and transferring to Arizona State after getting my Associates degree. Yes, 2003 needed to be the best year ever to wipe out the bitter taste 2002 still left in my mouth.

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