Wednesday, March 6, 2013

WiP- Untitled- Chloe and Sebastian

<i> So this is something I will write after Lucian's book. It's another second chance at love type book, but different than The Weakness in Me. It was inspired by a conversation with an old friend. Below is, again, everything I've written so far for this book- which is less than 1000 words. As always, comments are appreciated :-) </i>
“Shhh!” Chloe whispered as she followed Sebastian toward the deserted row of buses, suppressing her giggles.  “We don’t want to get caught now, do we?”   
                “Of course not,” Sebastian said, pulling her against another school’s bus.  Looking deep into her bright, forest green eyes, he lowered his lips again to kiss her hard.  She snaked her uniform clad thigh around his hips, aligning him perfectly with the spot she desperately wanted him.
                “God!  How do we handle not seeing each other for months at a time?” Chloe asked, breathlessly as they separated again.  Throwing her long blonde braid over her shoulder, she pulled him toward a bus with an open door.
                “Can you honestly say this would be nearly as hot if we saw each other daily?” Sebastian asked as she pulled him close again, looked deep into his crisp ocean blue eyes and slowly licked her shiny red lips.  “Okay, it’d still be hot.  I don’t think I’d be able to keep my hands off of you, even in classes we’d share,” he laughed.
                “We’d be in trouble, constantly,” she answered, walking backward toward the back of the bus, sliding her uniform suspenders off her shoulders and stepping out the black pants.  Sebastian mirrored her movements with his own gray pants, leaving a trail of band clothes in their wake.
                “I love you so much, Chloe,” he said, looking over her partially naked body, as she lay down on the empty seat and beaconed him closer.  “You are so beautiful.”
                “I love you, too,” she answered, reaching for him and grazing his arousal with the back of her hand.  His eyes darkened slightly as he followed her into the seat, shedding the rest of their clothes and trying to be quiet, when their insides were screaming for the release they could only find together.
                “What the heck do you two think you are doing?” the accusation startled Sebastian and Chloe into action.  Sebastian did what he could to shield Chloe’s state of undress from their intruder.  So into the feeling of their intimacy, they hadn’t heard the stranger enter the bus.
                “Can you turn your back for a minute?” Sebastian asked grabbing for Chloe’s uniform from the bus floor and thrusting it at her.  Before scrambling for his own pants, he looked at her again, her pale skin glowing against the dark vinyl seat, a rosy blush coating her cheeks, down to her shoulders.  He shivered at the memory of his lips there, just moments ago and moved to make himself decent for the inquisition he knew was coming.

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