Thursday, September 5, 2013


The Professor is FINALLY free on Amazon UK, US and Canada. For some reason, it's not free everywhere, even in the US, because I am still getting Professor sales on my report. I'm deeply puzzled by these, so if anyone has an explanation for how all this works, let me know, because- yeah, it's weird.

Thank you to TomeTender: , Chris' Book Blog Emporium: , Shayna Renee's Spicy Reads: , and Smut Book Club: for posting about the Professor on Facebook and Twitter! And a HUGE thank you to everyone who picked up a copy from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Smashwords.

As it says in my bio, The Professor series is the first time I'm writing erotica. I was so nervous to write this series, because it's SO different from anything I'd previously written. I almost released the series under a separate pen name, but decided to own it. I'm glad that I did and I hope that if you picked up a copy of the Professor, you really enjoyed it. I've had such a blast with this series.

To give you an update on the status of The Wife:

I am just under halfway finished with the novella. Pain continues to sideline my writing, much to my disappointment, but I have some great stuff planned. I know part of the reason that I'm writing this one so much slower than the other three is because I really am sad to say goodbye to these characters. Damien and Sabrina are a great couple. They are functional and passionate, without being stupid and hot headed. I love that they don't run from each other and are a true team in their relationship. It's not often that, as a writer, you get to work with such a strong couple.

Below, I've decided to give you a teaser of an excerpt from The Wife. Be aware it contains spoilers from the end of The Widow, so don't read it until you've finished the 3rd book!

“Upstairs, I want you in only your ring and anklet. Kneel in the middle of the room. I want to see how far you are willing to go to show me what a star pupil you are,” he commanded, desire burning in his blue eyes as he looked down at her. It took a second for her brain to catch up with his words, but when his eyes narrowed into hers, she jumped to do as he bid.

“Yes, Professor, right away,” she smiled, scurrying up the stairwell as quickly as her tipsy legs would carry her. She didn’t know if she was drunk from the champagne or the whole evening. Everything still felt surreal, like a dream, blurry on the edges, but bright. Crossing the threshold to their playroom, she disrobed and knelt where she was told. The silence of the house made his every movement downstairs echo. Anticipation unfurled in her belly, low and sweet, as she listened to him walking, probably toward their bedroom. Soon, she heard the squeak of the pipes from their bathroom and she wondered if he was actually taking a shower or just testing her obedience.

Stoically, she sat on her heels, her fingers spread on her naked thighs, the diamonds and sapphires of her engagement ring glittering under the muted playroom lights. She couldn’t help but stare at it, mesmerized. Listening to the sound of water flowing through their pipes, thinking about it cascading over her Professor’s naked body, down his chest, filling in the lines of his abdominals, over the ridges of his cock, she shuddered with awareness as the hot moisture of her arousal coated her pussy.

Was he washing his thick black-brown hair? Were suds trailing down that same path? Was he ready for her, hard and engorged? Her breath faltered as a picture of his hand around his dick, pumping it slowly in preparation of what he wanted to do to her tonight, the muscles in his forearms flexing with his movements, played behind her eyes.

A slight whimper erupted from her as the water to the shower stopped. She knew he would be with her again soon. The squeaky floorboard near their closet creaked, letting her know he was out of the bathroom and dressing. How long had she been waiting for him?


  1. Yummy! I can hardly wait. SO READY to see what happens with them.

  2. I'm anxiously waiting for 'The Wife' to be published. I just stumbled across the professor series accidentally one afternoon, and read all three stories before bed. I love how Damien and (Beth) relate with each other. I wish there was a little more back story to Celeste though. It would help to understand not only the contempt from Beth, but also the vendetta she seems to have towards Damien. I'll be sad when the series is done.