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I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday! I was so wrapped up in my day job getting ready for our Christmas distribution, that I didn't have time to post anything new here!

But now that the holiday is over, and we are looking forward to the New Year. I wanted to drop in and say hi! And to let you know that I'm hard at work on my next book: Never Ever After- which will be Lucian's story.

Here is the synopsis:

Lucian Harris returns from a year in Iraq to find his best friend married and he starts to feel as lost as he did before he enlisted. When he meets Corrine Prescott, he is instantly mesmerized. That is, until he remembers who she is and why he should steer clear of her. A chance encounter with Corrine's roommate may have ruined any future he could've seen for them.

Here is the prologue:

“Thank you, Lucian,” Stephanie said, looking up at her ex-boyfriend. Her golden blonde hair was shining in the fading summer sun and her green eyes glistened with unshed tears. “If you hadn’t walked away last year, I- I don’t think I could’ve gone through with it,” she whispered, looking down and idly stroking her burgeoning baby belly.

“This is why you wanted to see me before I head off to Iraq, Stephanie?” Lucian asked, closing his dark brown eyes in pain and running his hands through his short black hair. “You wanted to show me that because I bowed out, you’ve got your happy little family? That your cold feet didn’t mean anything? That our three years together meant absolutely nothing to you after all?”

“That’s not what I meant—”

“Save it, I don’t even know why I agreed to this,” he interrupted, spinning on his heels and stalking back to his car as the last of the sun slipped down to meet the Earth. What a waste of a fucking trip. He hadn’t known what to expect when she called him and asked for a few minutes of his time before he shipped out again, but it wasn’t the beach ball sized baby bump on her petite five foot frame.

She was happy, without him. And he had been miserable since the second he got on the plane to boot camp. Wasn’t that fucking great? Did she really need to thank him in person? Or was it all about shoving her perfect little life in his face?

See, Lucian? See what you could’ve had if you’d just asked? I told you what I wanted, but you always pushed it away. Well, now you can suffer, knowing I’m about to have everything I ever wanted. Just without you.

He could almost hear the words she didn’t say echoing through his brain as he got behind the wheel of Marissa’s truck and squealed out of the Starbucks parking lot.

He’d thought they’d been on the same page about waiting until they were older, but damned if he was wrong. She’d wanted that ring and that white dress. If he’d known, he would’ve given it to her in a second.

He was done with love. The whole thing was tragic, because he used to be an undeniable romantic. In fact, if you’d asked him a year ago if he’d do it all again, he would’ve answered an empathic yes. After today, though, his romantic spirit was dead, buried, along with his dreams of ever being anything more to a woman than a bed warmer.

In less than three days, he’d be on a plane to a desert, where his future wasn’t just uncertain; his life expectancy was in question. Pulling into the driveway of the new home of his best friend, Marissa and her boyfriend, Aaron, he let out a deep sigh. Sometimes they were so much alike in their relationship philosophies. They were both undeniable cynics when it came to love and finding a happily ever after. She had found happiness, though, hadn’t she? Why was it so hard for him?

Folding his 6’4” frame out of the tiny truck, he walked to her door and knocked. “Hey, Luc,” she answered, shoving her copper hair behind her ear and ushering him in the door. “How’d it go?” she asked, warily. “You weren’t gone very long.”

“It didn’t take me very long to notice the baby bump and for her to say thank you,” he frowned.

“I’m sorry, honey,” she said, doing her best to fold him in her arms in a hug. “It’ll be okay, she just wasn’t the one.”

“They never are, Ris. I think I’m done looking,” he stated.

“Sure you are, Luc,” she retorted, sarcastically. “You are a hopeless romantic at heart. There is no way you can say you’ll never fall in love again,” she shook her head.

“That’s exactly what I’m saying. I’m going to indulge in copious amounts of pussy and keep my emotions out of it from now on,” Lucian informed her, settling against the brown suede couch. “Love will never be part of the equation for me again,” he vowed, his gaze concentrated, unseeingly, out of Marissa’s living room window.
He wasn’t na├»ve enough to think that war wouldn’t change who he was, but he never expected he’d be changed before he even took his first steps off of American soil. When/If he made it home, things would be different for him.

I hope you'll add it to your TBR list!

Also, I finally have The Professor series available in paperback!

I'm wishing everyone a safe and Happy New Year!

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