Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Anton and Sophie

So, last week, I was minding my own business, trying to recuperate from the horrors of pertussis (after being sick pretty much constantly for the last month, my doctor decided this was my issue after coughing so much and so hard in my appointment that my ribs hurt), when Anton and Sophie decided they were sick of waiting for me to be done with Lucian's story and started to crowd my brain.

Yesterday, I was finally well enough to type out the little bits of story I'd used my phone to store until I could sit up for longer than thirty minutes...

This doesn't have a title yet, nor does it have a blurb, but I wanted to share the unedited, rough draft of the Prologue with you all because I'm pretty excited for what the story is going to be. Although this is considered a 'spin-off' of the Professor, it will be a stand-alone.


The early morning sun accosted Sophie as soon as her gray-green eyes cracked open. Groggily, she sat up and took in the foreign surroundings. A set of warped and slightly open, dusty but white Venetian blinds covered an, obviously, east facing window. The directness of the sunlight peeking through the slats told her that it was still fairly early in the day. Looking down at the dingy beige sheets pooling at her waist, she wished that she were waking up in her four poster bed on her robin’s egg blue Egyptian cotton 800 counts rather than these, which felt like burlap against her milky white skin.

For an undercover agent, Sophie was doing a lousy job recalling how she’d ended up in this bed last night, but the familiar ache of her lower muscles and her advanced state of undress let her know exactly what she’d done once she got there.

A husky groan sounded from beside her and an oddly-familiar tanned arm slid around her naked waist. “Don’t get up yet, Sophie,” he murmured against the small of her back as he wrapped himself around her like ivy. Trailing his lips up her spine, she shuddered, involuntarily as the stubble from her bed-mate’s chin flipped her mood from confused to aroused in no time. “I was hoping for a repeat of last night’s performance this morning,” he continued, his lips now as her neck as he got on to his knees behind her and moved her hair to the side to allow for better access.

“Mmmmm,” she moaned as his hands skated across her ribs to the underside of either breast.

“These are amazing,” he praised, letting his thumbs tease her already erect nipples as he nibbled on her ear. “I didn’t get nearly enough of them before we passed out last night.”

“Connor,” she breathed, trying to remind herself that she’d just spent the previous night being fucked by the man she was supposed to be building a case against. She was supposed to be his secretary, not his girlfriend or even his fuck buddy.

“I love it when you say my name like that,” he growled, moving her back toward the bed and positioning himself on top of her and between her legs before she could process how things had escalated so quickly. “But I think I like it better when you scream it,” he declared before filling her to the hilt with one sharp thrust, his gray eyes gleamed silver into hers as he fucked her with long, hard strokes. His jaw was tight and his nose touched hers as he demanded her gaze. The steely determination, with an old mix of warmth toward her, but a general coldness, in them almost frightened her. She didn’t know if he suspected her job and wanted information from her, or if this was him letting her know that he owned her.

“Fuck,” she hissed as she felt a hand between them, pulling on the nipple of her left breast roughly, just enough to send a jolt of pain mixed with pleasure straight to her pussy, overriding her thought processes and rushing her building orgasm through her body. “Connor,” she whimpered as she slid of the edge and rocked up to meet his strokes into her body, feeling his thickness pushing against her cervix.

“You are mine,” he stated through clenched teeth. “You will move out of this hell hole today,” he decided, yet again reminding her that the only reason she was in this apartment at all was so that she didn’t blow her cover last night. Fuck, what if she hadn’t been thinking and took him to her house rather than the dummy address the Bureau had set up for her when she started this assignment. It looked sufficiently lived in, but she knew that wasn’t because she was actually staying here. As Connor roared his release, throwing his head back before meeting her gaze again as his breathing calmed. After a minute, he allowed his body to sink onto hers, his head nestled between her breasts and his light brown hair fell into his eyes as he looked up at her, waiting for her to confirm that she would move in with him. As she sent up a silent prayer hoping that he thought her rapid heartbeat was from the sex they’d just shared, she started to question how she got into this mess from the beginning.

The answer came quicker than she would’ve expected. This was all Anton’s fault.

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