Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Never have I ever...

Life is crazy sometimes.  I'm participating in a writers' blog chain on Monday where I'll be talking about my "process." So stay tuned for that!!

In the meantime, I started writing a new book last week. Much like The Professor, this book has hijacked my brain and is not letting go! My betas aren't completely happy with me because I finally getting to the good part of the Anton and Sophie's story.

Anyway...the new book is called Seven Days and here is the synopsis:

I don’t sleep until my body gives me no choice. I go until the last drop of energy is zapped from my bones and my muscles are too weak to keep my eyes from closing. Only then am I able to achieve true peace: A slumber without dreams, without memories of my real life nightmare. I thought I was escaping my past, finally running toward the future I deserved.

Until I met Ryan. One week with him had me questioning everything I was sure I wanted out of my life. Being with him means I can’t leave my past behind. Being without him might just kill me anyway.

One week destroyed everything.

One Week shattered my dreams

One week I lived in the sun

But the darkness never truly fades.
Be sure to add it to your TBR list on Goodreads:
If the writing Gods all align for me, I'm hoping to have it out by July!

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