Monday, March 24, 2014

Seven Days

Okay, so I've gone back and forth about whether I was going to share more than the blurb for this book several times over the last couple of weeks. I'm almost to the half way point in writing it and I'm DYING to share some of it with you.

First, I need to address the elephant in the room: Anton's story. I am still working on it- I promise! However, as a writer, I'm discovering there are books that you WANT to write and books that you NEED to write. I WANT to write Anton's story, but I NEED to write Carrie's. Both will be finished this year, as well as Lucian's- however, Carrie's will be finished first. I hope you'll all understand and join me for this book that is quickly becoming my favorite.

As soon as I finish the first draft, it will be up and available for pre-order at Smashwords and their affiliates.

Please don't forget to add it to your TBR list on Goodreads: Seven Days

Here is the unedited prologue for the book. Please be aware that it is subject to change before it is published.

Ever do something that you know almost immediately it might just be the biggest mistake you’ve ever made? That’s what happened the night I walked away from Ryan. I could feel those sad amber eyes following me as I rounded the corner of the restaurant.  Slumping against the unforgiving gray brick wall when I was sure he wasn’t going to follow me, I let the tears I’d been holding back cascade down my swollen face.
After allowing myself a few minutes to wallow in my misery, I pushed off the wall and started walking again. I knew I had to make it back home before they found out I was leaving. It was bad enough he knew where I’d been last week. I couldn’t leave my sister in that kind of danger, but I needed to get my emotions under control before I got behind the wheel of my car.
“Carrie,” I heard from the side of the building. His voice just on the edge of desperation, tinged with receding tears and emotion. “Look at you,” he sighed, as he reached my side and lifted a hesitant hand to my cheek. “You don’t want to do this. Don’t do this,” he pleaded, coaxing my eyes to his. “Don’t do this,” he repeated, moving his hand to stroke my loose auburn locks. I wanted to melt into him, let him fix everything, but I knew that was impossible.
“I wish it were my choice, Ryan,” I told him, letting him see just how much this decision was affecting me. “I’d do anything to fix it, but I have to get her out of here- get us out of here before something terrible happens,” I choked out before I broke his embrace and ran to my dilapidated early 90’s model Ford Escort. Fumbling with the keys, I threw my bag inside before sitting behind the steering wheel, trying to convince myself to not look back. Then I started the car that would take me away from him.
I never believed in soul mates, or in one person for the rest of your life, but Ryan is someone I could see waking up to every morning. Forever and beyond. I couldn’t stay here anymore though. I had made a promise to myself and my little sister, Britton, and I planned to keep it, even if it meant leaving behind the only man I’d ever love.


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