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Love, but Never...revision update

<i>I am now about half way through this revision, and finally made it past Aaron and Marissa's first love scene. Because I'm a super giving person, I wanted to share it with everyone who reads this blog first! If you haven't read Love, but Never, this scene takes place in the construction zone of a housing development. Marissa and Aaron are trying to find a house to spend some time together in because she can't invite him into her parents' house.<p>

Because goodreads doesn't format these blog entries correctly, this is better read on my off-site blog . Please be aware that this scene is explicit in nature and should only be read by those 18+ <p>

I hope you enjoy it, and as always, I love to receive any feedback you may have.<p>

Finally, they arrived at the perfect house; it was framed and had stucco, but still unfinished inside, so there were windows, but no doors, private, but accessible. <p>
“Here we are,” she turned to Aaron, trying to hide the nerves that were beginning to surface. He looked shocked, but approving of her plan and followed her inside. <p>
“Pick a room,” he told her, his voice now commanding. She shivered slightly at the control exuded through his voice. Marissa considered each room before deciding on one right off the would-be garage.<p>
“This will provide us with the most privacy. Don’t you think?” she turned to ask him, looking down at the bare floor.<p>
“You are so cute when you are nervous. I know you brought us here, but I don’t want you to feel pressured. We don’t have to do this if you don’t want,” he offered. <p>
“I do want to do this. I’ve wanted you from the second I saw you,” Marissa confessed. This confirmation was all Aaron needed. He kissed her softly on the lips, almost hesitantly, at first. The second his lips touched hers, Marissa felt something change inside her. It radiated from her heart down through her body and her pulse quickened. The remainder of her control had returned to her and she felt like she was in charge of her destiny again. It felt amazing, so much different from anything she’d ever felt before. <p>
“Let go,” she whispered against his lips. “I’m not going to break, I promise.”<p>
“I want to take this slowly, but I’m not sure if I can,” he whispered back. “I’ve wanted this for so long.”<p>
“I don’t want you to, Aaron. I need to lose myself in you right now and I want you to do the same,” she punctuated her request by yanking his mouth back to hers by his hair and she felt the last of his control shatter.<p>
Roughly, he pushed her into the south wall of the empty bedroom as they ripped at each other’s clothing. He tugged at the bow between her breasts and her straps unraveled, letting her dress fall to her waist and exposing her breasts to the warm night air. She grabbed his belt and coaxed it open, his shorts crumpled to the concrete floor before he stepped out of them. Gasping for air, she tried to get her heart under control as she looked to the darkened ceiling exposing her neck to his lips and teeth. <p>
“God! You are beautiful,” he groaned as his hands began to pull at her nipples that were standing at attention, in spite of the heat of the Arizona summer. As he sucked one of them into his mouth, his tongue playing with the erect bug, a loud moan escaped her throat as her hand slid down his body and began to stroke him through his boxer briefs. When she, boldly, moved to finally touch him, skin on skin, he moaned around her nipple.<p>
His mouth, his hands, his kiss, his smell all flooded her senses and she wondered if it would ever be enough as she surrendered to kiss after kiss and welcomed the electricity that shot through her with every touch. It was an intoxicating feeling, her struggle to keep up with it all caused her to wobble slightly. This prompted Aaron to help her onto the blanket she’d spread over the floor, before leaving a trail of kisses from her neck down her naked body to the tops of her breasts. Then, he slowed down, taking his time, making sure he found nearly every button she had. She arched her back into his hands and mouth with frustration. His hands started to trail south, reaching the apex of her thighs, Marissa jumped and grabbed his hand. <p>
“Don’t,” she warned.<p>
“Why?” he looked at her, curiously.<p>
“I just don’t- just, no hands there, please,” she pleaded.<p>
 “Okay, I want to make sure you are ready for me,” he whispered.<p>
“Oh, I’m ready, I don’t think I’ve ever been so wet in my life, but I have a promise to fulfill first,” she told him as she moved him to the blanket beside her and rose up over him. Kneeling beside him, she started to kiss down his throat and over his chest. She continued to move south until she found what she was looking for; she peeled his boxer briefs down his legs, she inhaled sharply at the passion overwhelming her at the sight of him naked and ready for her.<p>
Bringing her mouth to his cock, she licked him lightly, staring into his eyes from between his legs. His eyes darken, filled with desire for her, driving her to pull all of him into her mouth and suck. His hands flew to her hair as he held her to him, as she played with him. Sucking hard, then barely trailing her tongue over him, alternating with her hands, until he bucked wildly beneath her.”<p>
“Fuck, baby, you’ve gotta stop,” he reached to haul her back to his mouth, but she let out a small growl at his interruption and went back to her ministrations. “I had other plans for you, but you’re right, GOD DAMN don’t stop. Fuck!” Suddenly, she felt him start to twitch in her mouth and a guttural moan came from his throat; she continued to move until he was still. She stared up at him with all the innocence she could muster, and then smiled, devilishly, before licking her lips.<p>
“Holy shit! That was… I don’t even have the words… amazing? That doesn’t even seem adequate to describe what that was. You weren’t overselling your talents, I think you were underselling them,” he whispered.<p>
Bringing her mouth back to his, he kissed her harder than before and moved her back toward the blanket. She started to feel his erection grow again, quicker than she would’ve imagined, as he moved between her legs. He brought himself down to her, both moaning into their kisses as he reached his target.<p>
 “Is this what you wanted?” he asked, rubbing himself against her opening in all the right places and teasing her with just the slight pressure of penetration before backing off again. A deep moan was the only sound she could manage as she began to pant in need.<p>
 “I need a break,” he suddenly announced, lifting himself from her. She whimpered in protest as every part of her body he’d been touching now felt cold, “but we are far from done.” Helping her off the floor, he suddenly jerked her toward him again and kissed her, deeply before setting her away. “This is for not listening when I told you to stop. Maybe next time, you won’t be so eager. Let’s go get some air.” <p>
Together, they got dressed and walked to the back patio of the house.<p>
“It’s actually a nice night, not too hot,” Aaron said, looking out at the empty lot behind the house.<p>
“You’re right, we aren’t dripping with sweat.”<p>
“Not yet,” he grinned at her.<p>
“So what’s up with Willa?” she asked him, suddenly having the overwhelming need to remind herself that this was a one-time thing. That Aaron belonged to someone else, and never to her.<p>
“What about her? She’s my girlfriend. I don’t know; she’s pretty great,” he said, giving Marissa a guilty look.<p>
“So you just wanted to be with me?”<p>
“Yeah, I guess it’s a test I failed. I’ve wanted you for a long time and knew, given the opportunity, I wouldn’t be able to resist you,” he gave Marissa a look of longing that confused her.<p>
“You rested enough?” he asked, his voice husky as he crossed the patio and grabbed her hand.<p>
“Absolutely,” Marissa smiled and followed him back in the house.<p>
Returning to the bedroom, Aaron’s hands encircled her waist from behind and travelled upwards toward her breasts. She inhaled his scent, a mixture of fabric softener, cologne and their sex, and committed it to her memory. There was something deliciously sexy about the smell of their arousal in the hot summer air. His fingers tore at the fabric of her dress as if they ached to touch her naked skin. “I’m going to take you like this, okay?” he asked, prompting Marissa to nod in agreement, truly unable to find her voice.<p>
Yanking her breasts free from her dress and lifting up the skirt, he coaxed her to brace herself against the window of the bedroom as he eased into her from behind. <p>
“Oh FUCK!” he breathed as he began to pump into her, kneading her breasts on every thrust. Marissa’s face pressed against the cool glass as a moan escaped her throat. She felt a quickening down in the base of her stomach again and her legs started to shake.<p>
“I’ve got you, baby,” he told her, pulling her tighter into him. “Just let go, let go baby,” he chanted.<p>
He started to move harder and faster, knowing she was close. Suddenly, all of the tension that had been building inside her splintered and her screams, muffled by the window, seemed to reverberate through the partially constructed house. Marissa was appreciative they were in a neighborhood with no occupied houses, when she began to comprehend what had just happened.  Her eyes went wide as he nipped at her neck and she felt the aftershocks of her orgasm rippling through her body. It wasn’t long before he began to moan obscenities again, spilling himself inside of her.<p>
“Oh my God, Marissa,” he breathed, his face against her back, “That was incredible.” He moved out of her and tucked himself back into his shorts. “Was I, at least, decent?” The extremely controlled man she’d just let fuck her against a window was gone, and the insecure boy from earlier made a return appearance as he helped her steady herself against the wall and right her clothing. <p>
Marissa chuckled before she said, “Aaron, before tonight, I’ve never been even remotely close to orgasm.” She wanted to tell him that she never knew sex could be so enthralling and that she didn’t want to go quite yet, but she couldn’t find the words.<p>
“Oh!” Aaron smiled, looking at his watch “Fuck, it’s really late. Let’s get you back home,” he said and a tingle of disappointment shot through Marissa as she put her dress back on.<p>
“Alright,” she said, laughing again.<p>
“But you really had one?” he said with a timid look on his face. “I mean, I felt you squeezing me, but I wanted to make sure you weren’t just doing kegels.”<p>
“Oh yeah, my legs feel like jelly and my pulse is racing.”<p>
“Good. I’m glad I could help you,” he gave her a full toothed smile that stretched from ear to ear.<p>
Once Marissa and Aaron passed through the doors onto the street again, he grabbed her hand and laced his fingers through hers. They went back to awkward conversation until they got back to her house. Aaron leaned over to kiss Marissa goodbye, his hands lingering on her cheeks.<p>
“Email me tomorrow. Sweet dreams,” he said, before getting into his car and driving away. It was as if he hadn’t actually been there, but Marissa’s heart hadn’t slowed yet and her lips were still swollen from his kisses. She knew she hadn’t imagined anything. <p>
Suddenly, she was scared of her reactions to Aaron; she knew she was feeling desire and attraction before their encounter, but now? She had to protect herself so she wouldn’t get hurt. Marissa knew that if she ever wanted to spend time with Aaron again, she couldn’t let him any deeper. It could only ever be just sex with Aaron.<p>

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