Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Soul searching answer...

After much deliberation, I've decided NOT to use a separate pen name when releasing "The Professor" next month. Please be aware that this novella (I'm planning on less than 20k words) is straight up erotica. While it will also be considered contemporary, it is DEFINITELY book porn.


When Sabrina Carson's daydream in class leads her to ask her Professor to tutor her after hours, she knew what she was really asking. She knew what she wanted, and with the help of her roommate, she even knew how to go for it. She only questioned whether he'd be receptive to her advances.

Professor Areleon didn't know why he'd already been drawn to Sabrina since her first day of class. When she asks for help, he decides it's time to explore her hold over him. After she is late for their appointment, he learns exactly what Sabrina is capable of, and hopes that his burning desire to possess her doesn't bring him and everything he's ever worked for down around him.

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Read on for a excerpt and cover reveal:

“Turn and put your hands on the wall,” he hissed in her ear, prompting her to obey his command immediately. “Arch your back,” he ordered, trailing a hand down the curve of her nearly bare spine and causing her body to shudder at the elicit contact. Suppressing a wanton moan, she shuffled her feet back to do as he’d asked, spreading her legs as she went. “Perfect,” he whispered, halting her movement.
Facing the wall, she struggled for breath, panting with anticipation, her blonde hair cascading over her shoulders as she pressed her forehead against the cool, but unforgiving gray brick wall in front of her. While she’d hoped that he would want her, she never imagined it would be like this.
“Stand just like this, don’t move,” he instructed, his hands traced a smoldering path from the top of her knee high black stockings up her milky white thighs under her short green skirt, before his fingers explored the crease where her ass met her legs. Her core flooded with moisture at the thought of his ministrations so close to where she wanted him, where she needed him. Unknowingly, she circled her hips, trying to persuade him to move faster, a soft groan of frustration escaping her ruby lips. “If you move again, we are done here, understand?” he breathed, pulling his hands away and stepping back, leaving her cold.
Frantically, she nodded her head against the wall in acquiescence, trying to situate her body again for him. “Yes, yes, I understand,” she panted out. “I’m sorry.”
“Good,” he said, and she could hear the sinister smile in his voice. “Because I want to take you against this wall, but I won’t if you can’t follow simple directions. Now, are you going to hold still or do I need to find another pupil to bury myself in this afternoon?”
“No, Professor, I’ll be good. I promise. I need it to be me,” she begged.
“I know you do,” he said, lifting her skirt to expose her ass to the air conditioned room. “I can smell your want from here,” he continued, his voice now more gravely with desire, as she felt his nose probing against her black lace thong. “Smells even better up close, don’t you agree?” he asked, pushing deeper into the apex of her thighs to immerse himself in the musk of her arousal. “I can feel how wet you are. Is this all for me?” he asked.
“Yes, Professor,” she whispered into the brick wall, willing herself to keep as still as possible, even though she knew her legs were shaking with need.
“I need a taste,” he said, pulling her panties to the side. Her knees buckled when she felt the first soft swipe of his tongue against her clit. “Mmmm, just like honey, so sweet,” he said approvingly, before lapping at her aching pussy again. “I know you want to move, but fight it, fight it hard.” As he finished his words, two of his fingers breached her roughly, joining with his mouth now sucking on her clit. She was going to come quickly, and she wasn’t sure she would be able to stay upright when it happened.

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