Friday, May 3, 2013

Update: Love, but Never Revision

The revision is complete! And the book is now with my beta readers. It's not too late to become a beta for this book, just message me if you are interested or email me at Here is the NEW synopsis for Love but Never:

Marissa Masterson's life has never been easy. She has lived through things most girls her age will probably never experience if they lived to be 100. Her entire focus is becoming the daughter she thinks her parents will be proud of. When pains in her stomach turn out to be more than indigestion and her path to acceptance is blocked by health complications, she has to find another way to earn the respect she's wanted her whole life.

While she finds herself bewitched and mesmorized by local musician, Aaron Andrews, she tries to ignore their connection in favor of her best friend, John Kramer. Her father has hand-picked John to take care of his little girl, but Marissa's feeling for him struggle to grow beyond friendship. Will Marissa's desire to become the perfect daughter win over her heart? Or can she learn that only she can decide what and who is best for her future?

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